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How to fix Slow Internet on your Windows 10

To fix Slow Internet on your Windows 10, please see the solutions provided below. As you know, a slow internet connection could really be frustrating. You will be unable to watch videos without interruptions and browse the internet as you usually do. You will also be having issues downloading files. In addition, you might not be able to get your regular Windows update downloaded and installed with a slow internet connection. But, I will be providing you an easy to follow guide for you to get this issue resolved. Let’s […]

There are multiple methods for extending and strengthening the wireless signal in your home. Find out how.

Learn what means, and how this IP address helps you set up your modem and router combination.

Learn what means, and how this IP address can help you set up your modem, router or gateway.

There’s no need to choose between wired and wireless connections in your home or office. Why not have the best of both worlds?

Speed Up Your Network Using TCP Optimizer

TCP Optimizer is a great free app that streamlines your wired or wireless Internet connection so that it’s faster and more reliable. Learn about it here.

Enable WiFi Connections in Windows 8

Managing your WiFi connections in Windows 8 is similar to how it works in Windows 7 and earlier, but there are some key differences.

Windows has built-in tools for fixing Internet connectivity problems. Here’s how to activate these tools easily and get back up and running.

IPv … What? I Need to Know This Why?

The IPv4 Internet standard is slowly making the transition to IPv6. Find out what all that means to you, and what you need to do about it.

Playing most online games and anything else that requires massive upload and download speed requires you to plug in via Ethernet. Here’s how the different wired Internet providers compare.

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