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Microsoft has extended security support for Windows XP until July 14 2015. Find out what this means for you.

One of the most common complaints among Internet Explorer version 10 users is its continual crashing. One minute you will be happily browsing the Internet, and the next you will receive a message stating, “Internet Explorer has stopped working and needs to close.” If this scenario sounds all too familiar, here are some tips and tricks that may just help you solve this problem. The number one reason Internet Explorer (IE) encounters problems is the introduction of Add-ons, Toolbars, Extensions, Junkware, and Spyware. Sometimes these programs can be reset or […]

At some point, you may find yourself needing the installation disc of the Operating System of your Windows computer. If you don’t have it stored somewhere, the easiest way of getting an installation disc is to order it directly from Microsoft, your PC manufacturer, or any other retailer (or e-tailer) selling OS’s, as they will conveniently ship the disc(s) to you. However, this does not mean that you cannot make it yourself. It’s pretty easy really, all you need to so is download the ISO file (an ISO file is […]

Sometimes the Windows Search Indexer crashes, causing search slowdowns and errors. Here’s how to troubleshoot it.

Welcome to Part 2 of the two-part series on the Windows 8 Consumer Preview.

Open Newer Office Files in Older Versions

Newer versions of Microsoft Office save files in .DOCX or .XLSX format, and these files are difficult to open in older versions. Here’s how to fix that.

There are free, web-based alternatives out there to expensive desktop software. Learn about Google Docs and more in this clickable, interactive video.

At work, it’s likely you use Microsoft Outlook to handle e-mail. If you’ve got an old machine, and there are a ton of old machines out there in the business world, Microsoft Outlook can eat up a ton of your computer’s processor! I had a job once where you couldn’t have Outlook open and something else at the same time, or the PC would slow to a crawl. There’s got to be another way, even for business users.

Web-based Alternatives to MS Office

Microsoft Office is highly useful in all walks of life, but it costs quite a bit of money. There’s a free, web-based alternative out there called Google Docs.

Hi Everyone,

Sorry we haven’t updated the blog for a while. We have been working on some new and exciting products which we will be announcing shortly so stay tuned.

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