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The AMD Catalyst 13.4 update provides substantial benefits to many games for those with AMD 7000 series cards. Find out more here.

In this battle of text editing applications, we compare features of Notepad with Notepad++, and Wordpad with Microsoft Word. Which comes out on top?

The Windows Experience Index determines how powerful your PC is. Find out how Windows determines the score and what you can do about it.

This update is for everyone using Intel HD integrated graphics. Not sure what kind of graphics your PC has? Learn how to find this info here.

There are upsides and downsides to using a TV, rather than a monitor, as your PC’s primary display. Find out if a TV is right for your PC.

Everyone uses hashtags (“#”) on Twitter to organize and collect Tweets. But here’s an innovative way to use this idea to organize your files in the cloud.

The GTX 600 series of nVidia GeForce graphics cards has just had a stable driver release, 314.22. Gain a substantial performance increase with this update.

Windows 7 Service Pack 1, or SP1, is a big update to Windows 7 that used to be optional. Microsoft has now made it mandatory. Find out why you need it.

If you’ve never backed up your PC before, you should. Read this story and learn why regular PC backups are important.

Learn all about GeForce’s latest beta driver update, especially designed for the GeForce GTX 680. You’ll see a significant performance increase.

Top 5 Things to Know about Driver Reviver

Driver Reviver is ReviverSoft’s revolutionary driver-update application. Here are the five things you need to know about it.

Everyone knows there are three words that any lovestruck individual loves to hear on Valentine’s Day. Well, we’ve got three words of our own that your PC will love to hear today. Repeat them often and you will love your computer again … and your computer just might love you back! Love your computer again. REPAIR Dazzle your PC with this easy step for repairing it. If Windows isn’t working correctly, your PC might have a virus, or it might be bogged down by malware. You’re going to need to […]

Migrate Data Out of Cloud Services

Everyone stores their documents, media and photos in the cloud. This can carry some security risks. Learn how to get your stuff off the cloud.

The command prompt, also known as the DOS Box, allows you to enter commands otherwise not easily accessible through Windows. Learn about 10 important ones.

Nothing like the holiday spirit. Why not get your PC in the mood for the holidays as well? Here are some great ways to transform the look and feel of Windows for the holidays, with these windows holiday themes. Even Santa Claus wants a holiday theme on his PC. WINDOWS HOLIDAY WALLPAPER The quickest and easiest way to bring the Christmas spirit to you PC is to get a Christmas wall paper. There are a number of places online but if you don’t feel like searching around for one you […]

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