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In today’s blog post we would like to get some contribution from you, the reader. We are conducting a survey, and in order for you to get involved, we would like you to leave a comment below in the comments section. We will be picking three random contributors who leave comments, and those people will receive a free license code to the ReviverSoft product of their choice!

Best Practices to Maintain your Laptop Battery

With the whole world moving to mobile technology, there is an ever increasing need for batteries to last longer. What is the point in carrying a laptop with you somewhere if the battery will only last for 15 minutes and you will end up plugging it in anyway?

How can my Laptop Battery Last Longer?

With more and more people now doing their computing on the go, whether that be on a smart phone, a tablet device or with a laptop, battery life is really the only thing that keeps you tied down. So how long do you get from you laptop’s battery life?

Well the results from our poll are in. From just over 200 respondents, an overwhelming majority of people (45.33%) said that they sit and wait while their computer starts. My we are a patient bunch aren’t we!

We’re curious to see what you do while you wait for you computer to start in the morning. Many people just expect to wait 15 minutes in the morning for their computer to start up and find something else to keep them busy in the mean time.

Here’s some valuable insight into the importance of keeping the software running on your PC up to date!

How Secure is My Password? Free Expert Advice

There was an interesting summary article written on Tech Crunch about analysis that was done on a recent RockYou security breach.  32 million people had their RockYou accounts hacked. This is unfortunately becoming a common problem with large member based sites. The really interesting part of what happened is that a company called imperva did some analysis on the passwords used by the RockYou users and the findings were staggering!

Speed Up your Old PC this Holidays

There is no doubt that times are tough right now. The world has not seen this large a financial crisis in a long time. Many people are out of work and the rest hope they can keep their jobs. Many people are looking at getting new computers this Christmas.

My Computer Keeps Freezing. How do I Fix it?

We haven’t run into many people who have been able to say that they have never experienced a computer freeze up on them. So why do computers lock up?

How to Troubleshoot Internet Connection Problems

A basic troubleshooting guide for Internet connection problems
Have you been unable to connect to the Internet? Well, let’s take a look at the possible causes and show you how to troubleshoot them.

These days, with an increasing number of software and tweaks available for Windows,the chances of something going wrong with your computer are higher than ever.

How to Avoid Phishing Scams on the Internet

What is phishing?  No, it’s not a typo, and it’s not a word to describe jamming out on your guitar for hours.  Phishing is a type of deception used by criminals to fraudulently gain information, most often in the form of passwords or login information.  Phishing can also lead to malicious programs infecting your computer.  Phishing attacks typically come in the form of messages or links that are presented to be something that they are not.  These can be anything from a malicious link sent to you via email, to a dummy website that mimics a legitimate site to trick you into keying in your login details.

Should I Upgrade to Windows 7 on my PC?

After all the drama of the Windows Vista launch in January 2007, most people are skeptical of if they should upgrade from Windows XP or Vista to Windows 7.  With a price tag ranging between $120 and $220 USD, the skepticism is for good reason. So, should you make the jump?

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