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Customizing a Tile in Start Menu Reviver

Welcome to a series of fast articles on using individual features in our new, free application, Start Menu Reviver.

It’s pretty apparent that you can move any application or other file found during a Search to an open tile. That tile will then open that file. But you can also customize a tile in order to open something else, like, say, your favorite website.

To customize your own tile in Start Menu Reviver:

  • Right-click on an empty tile and click Add Tile (Reset Tile, then Add Tile if there’s something already there). You’ll see the Add Tile screen.
  • Choose a description for your new tile.
  • In the Shortcut box, type a website, or click the magnifying glass to find a file.
  • Choose the color for your tile, then choose a picture. There are dozens of pre-installed icons to choose from, or find your own.
  • Select Run as Administrator if you think you’ll need admin privileges to open this.
  • Then, click Save.

Start Menu Reviver comes with a large set of default tiles to choose from. All these tiles were created by an artist named dAKirby309, and you can find these tiles and more on his portfolio site.

Customizing a Tile in Start Menu Reviver
Customize your tile in the Add Tile screen.

Now you’ve customized a tile exactly how you want it. You can also use the above steps to modify a tile you already like. For example, give it a better icon, change its color or have it point to a different version of the document.

Pretty soon, every tile in your Start Menu Reviver will be customized your way.

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