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What is a Registry Deep Scan? Why Run It?

Running a Registry Deep Scan on your Computer

There’s a standard scan that Registry Reviver performs every time you run it, and there’s a secondary scan as well called the Deep Scan. The deep scan is not enabled in Registry Reviver by default; you need to click the Scan button at the top, and select the Deep Scan check box. Then perform the registry Deep scan.

This registry Deep Scan goes deep into the Windows Registry’s hive, picking up far more registry errors than the normal, everyday scan. The downside of this deep scan is that it takes much longer than the Registry Reviver’s standard scan.

However, we do recommend that you occasionally run the deep scan, to catch errors that might not show up normally.

Also, if you purchase CNET’s TechTracker Plus, you’ll get the complete version of Registry Reviver as a free bonus.

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