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.asp Filutvidelse

Utvikler: Microsoft Corporation
Filtype: Active Server Page File
Du er her fordi du har en fil som har en filutvidelse som slutter .asp. Filer med filtypen .asp kan bare lanseres av visse applikasjoner. Det er mulig det .asp filer er datafiler i stedet for dokumenter eller medier, noe som betyr at de ikke er ment å bli sett i det hele tatt.

hva er en .asp fil?

En Active Server Page fil er en web-dokument som kan inneholde HTML-koder, tekst, grafikk og XML -innhold. Dette betyr at disse Aktive Server Page filer er integrert med binære, tekst og XML-baserte formateringsspesifikasjoner. En Active Server Page filen er generert av Microsoft IIS (Internet Information Services) søknad som er integrert med Active Server Page motor add-on, og Active Server Page motoren er kjent som den første server-side skriptmotoren som ble utviklet av Microsoft. Disse Aktive Server Page filer er implementert med kildekode kompilering og data koding standarder som brukes av Microsoft IIS søknaden og Active Server Page motor add-on for å lagre innholdet i ASP-format og for å tilføye Asp forlengelse til disse web-filer.

hvordan å åpne en .asp fil?

Start en .asp fil eller annen fil på PCen, ved å dobbeltklikke på den. Hvis filforeningene dine er konfigurert riktig, er det programmet som skal åpne din .asp filen vil åpne den. Det er mulig at du må laste ned eller kjøpe riktig program. Det er også mulig at du har riktig program på PCen, men .asp filer er ikke tilknyttet det. I dette tilfellet, når du prøver å åpne en .asp fil, kan du fortelle Windows hvilket program som er riktig for den filen. Fra da av åpner en .asp filen vil åpne det riktige programmet. Klikk her for å fikse Asp filtilknytning feil

applikasjoner som åpner en .asp fil

Opera Web browser

Opera Web browser

The Opera Web browser is a popular Web browser developed by Opera Software. This browser works just like what other browsers do and that is to display Web sites, manage contacts, download files, send and receive emails, chat on IRC, as well as read Web feeds. Opera features a lot of user-friendly features such as tabbed browsing wherein the user can browse multiple sites in one window. It also features ad blocking and fraud protection that allows users to enjoy browsing without annoying ads popping up when they are not wanted as well as allows users to be protected from fraud and spam. Opera also allows users to download files from the Internet though the BitTorrent client as well as it is complete with a mail client and IRC chat for email messaging and instant messaging. This browser is also equipped with a speed dial feature and this provides users convenience when it comes to adding unlimited pages in thumbnail form so that when users open a new tab, he or she can just click on the thumbnail corresponding the website he or she wants to visit without having to enter the full URL on the address bar.
IBM Rich Text Editor

IBM Rich Text Editor

Rich Text Editor is the default document editor in IBM Lotus Quickr application. It is a lightweight text-editing feature that productively functions for saving and editing of documents. The default key sequences used in Rich Text Editor are: [ctrl+shift+M] for lauch detached toolbar, [ctrl+shift+H] for launch help, [ctrl+shift+P] for lauch image insert, [ctrl+shift+G] for launch text color chooser, [ctrl+shift+J] for lauch background color chooser and [ctrl+shift+T] for launch table insert. These default key command sequences are configurable by the administrator. To customize the key commands, edit the file “” in the “quickr_server_root/shared/app/com/ibm/wps/odc/editors” directory. You have to restart your server for the changes to take effect after editing the commands. When saving a document you created using Rich Text Editor in Firefox browser, you should click OK when the warning window pops up with the message “Click OK to continue” to save the document. Do not click X. Some troubleshooting guidelines for using Rich Text Editor include Arabic language editing> the cursor goes to the left when pressing space key. Another is when Rich Text Editor is not the default text editor. For this, you have to configure a browser to launch an alternative text editing application automatically. Without configuration, you need to save the file to local computer for editing. Pop-up blockers prevent documents from being saved in the Rich Text Editor. You need to add the host site to your list of sites allowing pop-ups before opening the document in Rich Text Editor. There is a limitation with the Find and Replace function when using Rich Text Editor in Firefox browser. To Match whole words when searching for content is not available. It is only available in other browsers. When you are currently working on a document in Rich Text Editor and the server or browser abruptly closes, you may recover the file from the temporary storage if your document has already been saved previosuly. The path is similar to this: app_server_root\profiles\Profile_Name\temp\server_cell_name\server_type\odc\RichTextEditor.war\cds\Session_Id\Filename.ort
Adobe Dreamweaver CS6

Adobe Dreamweaver CS6

Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 is a Web design or Web editor software that is bundled with a variety of features to make website designing quick, easy and creative. Users can edit websites that are HTML based without hassles as its interface is easy to manage and use. This enables the quick and effortless addition of audios and videos, as well as other HTML5 elements. The new Fluid Grid Layout (CSS3 based) is an additional feature intended for cross platform compatibility or in simpler terms, layouts are easily created. Other than these, you can transfer files with its integrated FTP engine with efficiency and fast processing, import compositions made from Adobe’s Edge Animate to provide charm and animation to Web pages. It is also designed to be HiDPI compatible to support any devices with retina displays. This program also allows a preview (Multi-Screen Preview) of edited or supposed finished Web design before making a final publish on the Web.
Microsoft Visual Web Developer

Microsoft Visual Web Developer

Microsoft Visual Web Developer is a freeware tool for creating and working with ASP.NET Web applications or simply called Web sites, in a range of configurations. It permits developers to weigh up the Web development and editing capabilities of the other Visual Studio 2005/2008/2010 editions for free. It has a “What You See Is What You Get” interface, enhanced HTML and code editors, drag-and-drop down user interface designer, database explorer, and integrated, design-time validation for standards. Although, Visual Studio 2005 lacks some features, such as the Accessibility Checker, the capability to make standalone Class Library Projects, the extensibility support needed to load third-party add-ins, macros and some other features, the Visual Studio 2008 Express Web Developer SP1 supports both class library and Web Application projects, which were not maintained in Visual Studio 2005 Express. It also includes a new integrated HTML designer based on Microsoft Expression Web but the ability to publish self-developed websites is not present in this edition.
ES-Computing EditPlus

ES-Computing EditPlus

EditPlus is developed by ES-Computing designed for editing Internet-ready text, HTML, PHP, Java and Hex Viewer for Windows. The program supports customizable syntax highlighting and allowing you to create your own syntax file to support other programming languages. It has seamless Web browser that enables you to preview the content of your HTML document or Java applet without leaving the editor. It lets you activate your URL and email addresses by clicking F8 or 'Ctrl + double-click'. You can also display files in Hex mode using the Hex viewer. The program also supports fast and convenient code folding and inserts common HTML tags quickly and easily using the HTML Toolbar. It has also an Auto completion which changes a short abbreviation into a complete string; Cliptext Window where you can customize or create your own cliptext file; and other features like customizable keyboard shortcuts, spell checker, multipe undo/redo, powerful search and replace, column selection, ruler and line number.

et ord av advarsel

Vær forsiktig så du ikke omdøper utvidelsen på .asp filer eller andre filer. Dette vil ikke endre filtypen. Kun spesialkonverteringsprogramvare kan endre en fil fra en filtype til en annen.

Hva er en filtillegg?

En filtillegg er settet med tre eller fire tegn på slutten av et filnavn; i dette tilfellet, .asp. Filutvidelser forteller deg hvilken type fil den er, og fortell Windows hvilke programmer som kan åpne den. Windows forbinder ofte et standardprogram til hver filtillegg, slik at når du dobbeltklikker på filen, starter programmet automatisk. Når det programmet ikke lenger er på din PC, kan du noen ganger få en feil når du prøver å åpne den tilknyttede filen.

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