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Reducing Processor Usage in Windows

If you’re looking at your CPUs in Task Manager and see spikes of 100% frequently, you need to reduce your processor usage. Here’s how.

I recently had occasion to upgrade most of my desktop PC. It was running terribly. Even basic Web browsing took an eternity, never mind games, graphics applications or anything at all.

How the CPU, RAM, graphics, and hard drive are important when buying a new PC or upgrading an existing one, and why it depends on what you use your PC for

What’s an ULV Processor?

ULV Processors are designed for extremely long battery life. Find out all about these types of CPUs and what they mean to you.

My PC is Getting too Hot! What Can I do?

Regulating PC temperature is vitally important for the continued long life of your machine. Here are steps you can take to prevent your PC from overheating.

How do I Choose the Right CPU for my PC?

Inside your PC is the CPU, or central processing unit. The CPU is like the brains of your PC and controls everything your PC does. Find out how a CPU works and what cores mean.

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