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Help someone with their computer problems, even if you don’t speak the same language!

We developed ReviverSoft Answers as a platform for people to get help with their computer problems. Anyone can create a free account and post a question about a problem they are having with their PC or Mac. After a question is posted anyone within the community can answer it if they feel they can help. And by anyone I mean anyone!

One of the amazing features of ReviverSoft Answers is that it supports 20+ languages (with more coming). You can post a question in French or Chinese or Spanish or one of many other languages. An even more amazing feature is that you can view any question, answer or comment posted within ReviverSoft Answers in your chosen language, no matter what language it was originally posted in.

When you are viewing a page within ReviverSoft Answers you might notice a little flag next to a question title or next to an answer. This flag represents the language that was originally used when this question or answer was posted.

Originally posted in

This means that you can help someone with their problem no matter what language you speak or what language they speak!

We hope that you love this functionality and we would love to hear your feedback if you have any. Please feel free to leave a comment below. It can be about this feature, another feature or even a new idea that you think that we can incorporate into ReviverSoft Answers.

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