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AMD Catalyst 13.4 WHQL Driver Details, Specs and Download Information

Driver update:

AMD Catalyst 13.4 WHQL (for AMD 7000 series)

Download this driver update.

AMD Catalyst 13.4 WHQL Driver Details, Specs and Download Information
The AMD Radeon HD 7970, AMD’s flagship single-GPU card.

Improvements over previous stable driver

Crysis 3, Bioshock Infinite and Tomb Raider have all seen enhancements taken from the previous Beta driver made Stable. In addition, DirectX 9 and OpenGL 4.3 have both seen stability and feature updates, while TressFX Hair has been fixed, stopping the image corruption seen occasionally in Tomb Raider.

Statistically, Batman: Arkham City has gone up 5%, while Borderlands 2 sees a 10% improvement and Quake Wars gets boosts as big as 14%. Hitman Absolution and Return to Castle Wolfenstein both see improvements up to 11%, and Civilization V sees a 5% performance increase.

What are Drivers?

The Radeon HD Series are high-end graphics cards, and graphics cards are used for everything displayed on your screen. For people looking for smooth gaming performance and high-quality content playback, the latest graphics cards and drivers are a must.

Drivers are a set of instructions used to relay information between the parts of your computer. Driver updates are important, because they usually help increase performance, add new features, and get rid of problems that may have arisen with the previous versions. While users less familiar with computers may have trouble fishing around for drivers, we have a simpler method below. Otherwise, you can find these drivers through Windows Update or at AMD’s website.

To simplify the process of updating drivers on your machine, download our Driver Reviver software. Note that Driver Reviver only supports stable driver releases, like this one.

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