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Use Snapping to Run Two Windows 8 Apps Side By Side

Windows applications are normally full screen, whether it’s appropriate for these apps to take up the entire screen or not. Though you can’t run the apps in Windowed mode, like you’re used to with Windows 7 and earlier, it’s still possible to run two apps side by side.

To run two apps side by side in Windows 8 using the Snapping feature:

  1. Move the mouse pointer toward the top of the app until you see it turn into a hand
  2. Click and hold the mouse button at the top, then move the app to the left or right side of the screen
  3. The app now takes up a sliver of the left or right side of the screen
  4. Press the Windows Key again and choose another app, and the second app will take up the rest of the screen
  5. You can switch sides for the “sliver” app and change places with the primary app, but you’re stuck with two widths: most of the screen and a sliver of the screen

Use Snapping to Run Two Apps Side by Side
In this case, we have Chrome in the center and Skype on the right.

This side-by-side feature also interacts with the Windows desktop. If you’re running apps that reside on the desktop (such as Office 2013 or Spotify), then putting a Windows app side by side with the desktop will show all your open Desktop apps, stacked along the right side. Neat!

Use Snapping to Run Two Apps Side by Side
Chrome is still in the center, but now the Desktop is on the right.

Note that Desktop apps can’t interact with Windows 8 apps in this way. You’ll have to switch between them another way. We posted an article about navigating around apps that will help you move between your older applications.

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