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Best Settings to Optimize Opera Performance


More and more of people’s daily operations on a computer are being spent on the internet these days rather than applications on the desktop. with so much time now being spent in the browser it has almost become more important that you have a fast browser rather than a fast PC. Today we take a look a how to optimize opera for optimum performance and stability.

This how to follows on from a couple others that have been written that focus on how to optimize other computer browsers. This articles focuses on the browser settings that work best to optimize opera performance.

What are the Best Settings to Optimize Opera performance:

Here are some steps you can take to improve the performance of the Opera Browser:

1. Download the latest, stable version of Opera here

2. Go to “Tools” > “Preferences”

3. Select the “Advanced” tab

4. Choose “Browsing” then select “Redraw instantly” inside the “Loading” box

5. Go now to “Network” and set “Max connections to a server” to 32 and “Max total connections” to 64

6. Type opera: config in the address bar and press Enter;

7. Click on “Network” and make sure that only these voices are checked “Allow Pre Authentication”, “Enable Content Blocker”, “Enable NTLM” and “UTF8 Escape URLs”;

8. Click the Save button;

9. Click on Performance and remove the checkmark from all items, except for “Synchronous DNS Lookup”;

10. Click the Save button.

Restart your browser to see the difference it has made.

Hope this helps you surf the Net faster!

The ReviverSoft Team

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