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Manage Windows 8 Power Settings

The power plan in Windows 8 determines how much battery your laptop is using, versus how much performance it gives you. Power settings also determine what happens when the laptop is plugged in, or when it’s on battery power. Also, these power settings determine what happens when the lid is closed.

Earlier, I covered how to change the power settings on a Windows 7 machine. The process for Windows 8 is pretty much the same.

To change the power plan in Windows 8:

  1. Go to the Control Panel. View by small icons
  2. Click Power Options

  3. Power Plan in Windows 8
    You can choose an existing plan or modify one.

  4. Select one of the existing Power Plans
  5. You can also click Change Plan Settings next to one of the plans, and determine when the display should be dimmed or shut off, or when the computer should go to sleep. If you’ve got tasks scheduled for nighttime, you might want to make sure the PC doesn’t go to sleep before that happens. Click OK

  6. Power Plan in Windows 8
    Modify an existing power plan’s settings here.

  7. Click Choose What Closing the Lid Does on the left. This will let you define the power button, the sleep button (if applicable), and closing the lid. Each action can do nothing, hibernate, sleep, or shut down the PC. Click Save Changes when done

Change Power Options in Windows 8
Determine what each of the power buttons does on your laptop.

Our free application, Battery Optimizer, can automate make of these power-saving functions and more. It works well in Windows 8, so take a look.

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