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Dell offers Free Upgrade to Windows 7

Great news! Dell offers their customer a free upgrade to Windows 7. To be eligible for the Dell Windows® 7 Upgrade Option program, you must purchase a Dell system between June 26, 2009 and December 31, 2009 that meets the following criteria:

* Eligible Operating System: Windows Vista Home Premium, Windows Vista Business, or Windows Vista Ultimate factory installed OR have Windows XP pre-installed with Windows Vista Business Bonus, or Windows Vista Ultimate Bonus
* The system must be included in the list of Eligible Systems for an upgrade.

The upgrade version received will be comparable to the version of Vista already purchased.

What about drivers?

The Dell Upgrade Assistant that ships as part of the upgrade kit will provide drivers and utility applications that are needed to operate Dell systems with the Windows® 7 operating system. However as there are ongoing updates, it is recommended to download automatic driver update software to check for the latest Windows 7 drivers and utility applications once the operating system is available.

So, how do I get one?

Please follow this link to get your free upgrade to Windows 7:

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