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When we released Start Menu Reviver 2 we made big improvements to the overall design and usability of the product and we were very happy with all the praise and feedback we received about the new version. We are always trying to improve Start Menu Reviver and make it the best Start Menu that you can get for Windows 7 and Windows 8. Since version 2 was released we have received a some feedback from our users that they missed some of the customization features from version 1 (we simplified […]

Today we announce the latest version of Start Menu Reviver, version Check out the details of this release here.

Free PC Benchmark Test from ReviverSoft

Scan your PC today with our revolutionary application, PC Benchmark! And share your score with others across all the popular social media platforms.

Free PC Benchmark App from ReviverSoft

PC Benchmark is the latest free application from ReviverSoft. Find your Speed Score and share it with others! Learn how PC Benchmark works in this interactive video.

We are excited to announce that Driver Reviver, the quickest and easiest way to update you computer drivers, now supports multiple languages!

New Version of Battery Optimizer Released

ReviverSoft is excited to announce the newest version of Battery Optimizer.

The new version includes a new and improved battery scanning algorithm, Windows 7 full compatibility and better battery usage monitoring.

If you have a laptop and you aren’t getting the battery life that you hoped for we encourage you to give Battery Optimizer a try!

The team at ReviverSoft is very excited to announce the launch of a brand new product called Battery Optimizer. Battery Optimizer is a brand new application that is designed to help laptop owners optimize laptop battery life by offering feedback on what laptop features a user can disable and how much extra battery life can be gained by doing so. These days so many people are opting for a laptop over a desktop because of the mobility and freedom that can be achieved with a laptop. Gone are the days […]

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