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Turn your Laptop into a Desktop

There are a few simple steps to make your laptop PC function more like a desktop PC, including the use of external devices.

Track your Laptop

If your laptop gets stolen or lost, it’s important to have tracking software on it. PREY is a good free choice to get your PC back.

Try Out Windows 8

Windows 8 is the latest thing from Microsoft. There’s a developer preview out that you can use to test out this new OS before buying it.

Fix a Stuck Printer Queue

Printers can be a pain to manage in Windows. Often, print jobs will get stuck with no obvious way to fix them. Here’s how to unstick your printer queue.

Make a Windows Recovery CD

If your PC crashes and you don’t have your Windows disc, all is not lost. You can make a recovery disc from Windows Vista or Windows 7 using any blank disc.

We’ve got some good news: ReviverSoft has received two important certifications that ensure security and privacy for visitors to our website. Read on to find out more about TRUSTe and McAfee Secure.

Scheduling Windows Tasks at Night

It’s easy to set up an antivirus or Registry Reviver scan schedule overnight using Windows Scheduling. We’ll show you how.

Adjust your Mouse Speed in Windows 7

Change the speed of your mouse cursor in the Windows Control Panel. We show you how to do so in this Fast Tip.

Make your Web Browser Run Faster and Better

There are cool features unique to all the popular web browsers. Learn how to get the most out of Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox in this interactive video.

If you’re heading to college in the near future but haven’t yet decided on a machine, Microsoft frequently runs Free Xbox 360 offers with the purchase of a new PC.

ReviverSoft has put together a set of nine steps, complete with video blogs, for making sure your PC runs like the day you purchased it. From defragmentation to updating drivers, we cover every important maintenance step you need to take to get your PC running right.

Is your Internet Browser running Slow?

Too many add-ons and plug-ins in your favorite web browser can cause it to run slowly or not at all. Here’s how to remove unwanted browser add-ons.

Scan and repair your hard drive to remove errors from it and keep it running smoothly. It’s all part of the ReviverSoft Maintenance Plan.

Applications can take up a surprising amount of room, especially if you don’t use them anymore. Here’s how to get rid of unwanted applications in just a few clicks.

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