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ReviverSoft is 10 today!

Wow doesn’t time fly.. 10 years ago today ReviverSoft started with the mission to help people love their computers again.

We were a small team with energy and enthusiasm for our mission and never knew what was in store for us or even if we would still be in business 12 months later.

10 years later, we have thousands of customers, 11 products and a huge team of people working together to continue with our original mission.

I would like to sincerely thank all of the people that have made up our team over the years. You have been like family to me, I have really enjoyed getting older and wiser with all of you. Some of you have become parents since I met you, some have gotten married, others have moved countries and others have left to go onto bigger and better things.

I have many fond memories of the past 10 years, I myself became a father of 2 great kids, have developed more grey hairs than I would like to admit, and looks forward what the future brings.

To our customers, thank you for helping us continue to help you!

To all the people that have worked for ReviverSoft over the year, thank you for the memories, the late nights and the adventure!

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