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A Guide to DISORDERLY_SHUTDOWN Blue Screen of Death Error

DISORDERLY_SHUTDOWN Blue Screen of Death (BSoD) Error is usually occurs when the software is unable to safely shut down due to inefficient driver memory. This causes the application to be not fully terminated and the drivers will not be fully unloaded. The application will try to continue accessing pages after the modified writer has been terminated and such action will lead to the loss of pages in the system.


The usual solution to the problem is to open your computer via safe mode. Go to My Computer and right click the (C:) drive and select Properties. Click Tools and select Error Checking and choose the option to automatically fix file system errors. Upon the completion of the process, a message will appear suggesting to restart the computer.

Alternatively you can try to restore to a previous stable state using System Restore. You can also try updating your computer drivers using Driver Reviver.

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