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New ReviverSoft Answers Feature: Get notified of new questions

Since the launch of ReviverSoft Answers we have helped hundreds of people find solutions to their computer problems. We’ve done this by connecting them to a community of experts who can help them. By just creating a free account you can post a post any question you are having about your PC or Mac on ReviverSoft Answers and have it answered. If you have not tried it out yourself you should give it a try. Have a niggling problem about your computer? Ask away!

Today we are announcing another great improvement in ReviverSoft Answers that is specifically for people who want to answer questions. As of today you can receive notification of all questions that are posted at ReviverSoft Answers. No longer do you need to check in at the ReviverSoft Answers home page for new questions.

Here is how you enable this feature:

  1. Log into the ReviverSoft website
  2. Access your notifications settings page
  3. Check the box that says ‘Notify me of any new question posted’

New question notifications

Pretty simple isn’t it? Now you can help people right after they have asked a question!

We have built ReviverSoft Answers to be a platform for people from around the world to help each other with their computer problems. We love hearing feedback about how we can continue to improve and develop this feature of our website. Please leave a comment below if you have additional ideas.

Have a great weekend!

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