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How to access the Start Screen using Start Menu Reviver 2

Start Menu Reviver 2 is a must have utility for anyone using Windows 8. It brings back the Start Menu to Windows 8 but does it in a progressive way.

One of the big changes of Windows 8 compared to previous versions of Windows is the introduction of the Start Screen. This is the ‘Full Screen Start Menu’ filed with tiles. Many people don’t care much for this Start Screen and would prefer to stay in the desktop environment but for those of you who wish to access it after installing Start Menu Reviver 2 here is how you can do it:

Video Transcript:

Hey guys, Mark here from ReviverSoft. Today I’m going to teach you how to get to the Windows 8 start screen from start menu Reviver. While most people have installed start menu Reviver because they don’t like the start screen, or they wish to just get this start menu back in some way. A lot of people still would like to be how to get there, just because there is some lot of tiles that are really great to see, that access to a lot of different functionality.
In case you wish to do this, we make it very easy in start menu reviver there is a link here, straight the start screen, click on this the start screen comes up, and then you click back on the desktop and, voila it’s very quick, and easy. If you have any questions about how to do this, or you’re having any trouble with this, please leave a question or a comment, in the comment section below. Thanks for listening and hope to see you soon.

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