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GeForce 337.50 Beta Driver Details, Specs and Download Information

About a third to a half of you out there have NVIDIA graphics cards, usually from their GeForce brand (The rest of you have ATI or Intel graphics.) It’s exceptionally important that all of you keep your GeForce graphics drivers updated to their latest versions.

Why should I update this graphics driver?

It’s often just as important to update to the latest beta driver, even if the release driver isn’t quite out. Why update to the beta? Many newer games and graphics software need stopgap driver updates to function well, especially when running on the latest and greatest hardware.

For most of us, running average PCs, updating to the beta drivers can improve stability, especially if the most recent version has been crashing or causing video artifacts or other issues.

The drawback to installing a beta graphics driver is that it can sometimes introduce crashes or instability. If it didn’t do any of that, it’d be the stable, release version and not a beta. So there is an element of risk here. Overall, though, it is important to take full advantage of what your graphics hardware has to offer.

GeForce 337.50 Beta Driver Details, Specs and Download Information
The recent GeForce model, the GeForce GTX 780 Ti, is just one of many cards that this driver update helps.

What does the GeForce 337.50 Beta Driver improve?

In the case of the GeForce 337.50 Beta Driver, NVIDIA claims that it provides improvements across their spectrum of DirectX 11 graphics cards. DirectX 11 is designed for Windows 8 (though it has since been released on Windows 7 also), and therefore, if you have a DirectX 11 native card (one released in the last few years), you’ll stand to gain the most benefit from this update.

NVIDIA also states that the update improves the performance of many recent games, like Aliens vs. Predator, Batman: Arkham Origins, BioShock Infinite and Call of Duty: Black Ops II. For a full list of improvements, including charts and graphs across many different resolutions, check out the 337.50 details on the GeForce site.

Finally, while our system-wide driver update software Driver Reviver doesn’t support Beta drivers, as we prefer to stick to stable, official releases, it’s still a fantastic program to keep your PC drivers updated at all times. Check it out.

Where do I download this driver?

Download the GeForce 337.50 Beta driver here.

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