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GeForce 334.89 Driver Details, Specs and Download Information

NVIDIA posted new graphics drivers last week: version 334.89. These new drivers should improve performance for almost any recent GeForce graphics card — that applies to many of the people reading this, including those on mobile PCs.

You can download this GeForce 334.89 graphics driver at NVIDIA’s website.

GeForce 334.89 Driver Details, Specs and Download Information
The GeForce GTX Titan Black is just one of many cards that take advantage of this update.

Just the Stats

Here’s the details on performance improvements on specific games, though you may see a jump in games not listed, as well as other software like Photoshop:

  • A 19% improvement in F1 2013
  • A 18% improvement in Sleeping Dogs
  • A 16% improvement in Hitman Absolution
  • A 15% improvement in Company of Heroes 2
  • A 10% improvement in Assassin’s Creed 3
  • A 7% improvement in BioShock Infinite
  • A 6% improvement in Sniper Elite V2
  • And a 5% improvement in Total War: Rome 2.

What are Drivers?

Drivers are a set of instructions, or code, that act as a go-between from one part of your computer to another. In this case, newer drivers allows Windows to take better advantage of your graphics hardware, with fewer bugs and crashes and faster performance.

It’s important to keep your drivers updated to their newest possible version. Often, newer drivers will address security issues, blue screens of death, or other errors in older versions, and therefore updating to the latest drivers is a matter of stability, among many other reasons.

Keep in mind that Driver Reviver is the best solution for continued driver updates like this one, all done with a quick and easy scan. Give it a try!

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