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Staples Recommends Battery Optimizer

Staples likes Battery Optimizer!

We’re pleased when another company finds our products useful. Staples, Inc., the office supply store, has a service called EasyTech, created by Staples employees themselves. There’s an EasyTech post called Five Ways to Make Your Battery Last Longer, and Battery Optimizer comes in at #3! Awesome.

To quote Staples: “Programs like Battery Optimizer use diagnostic tools to calculate how much power you’ll save by turning off unnecessary features.”

All five of their tips are highly useful for getting more use out of your laptop between charges, so be sure and check out the full article.

In the meantime, Staples likes Battery Optimizer, and it is a free application, so go ahead and download it! Extend the life of your battery. What are you waiting for?

Steve Horton

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