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Download New Major Release Of Driver Reviver

ReviverSoft is excited to announce that a new, major release of Driver Reviver is now available for download from

With version 3.1 of Driver Reviver we have been listening to feedback from our customers on what they want to see improved and we have taken that feedback on board while developing the new version.

So what is new?

Automatic Driver Installation

One of the major complaints we received from customers with the previous version of Driver Reviver was that it was a time consuming and some times frustrating process trying to go through the download and installation process for every driver individually. In the new version of Driver Reviver this is not the case. Now you are able to download and install all the driver updates you want with just one click, saving you a lot of time and hassle.

Improved Driver Restore Process

We have been able to improve our driver restore process by making it much faster to create a restore point and recover your drivers from a restore point. This is really helpful when you install a driver that has compatibility issues with some of your hardware and you would like to roll back to your previous driver installed.

Ignore Driver Option

We have added a new feature that allows you to ignore specific drivers from being scanned during a scan and update. This is very helpful if you would like to keep a driver the way it is and not have it updated.

No need to install .NET Framework updates

We had a number of users complain to us that in order to use Driver Reviver they needed to download and install the latest version of the Microsoft .NET Framework which was a very large download. This is no longer the case and you can now install and use Driver Reviver without needing the update.

Removal Of Software Updates

Based on feedback from customers we have decided that we will no longer be offering software updates within Driver Reviver. We have done this because we have decided that we would like to focus on making Driver Reviver the BEST way to update your out of date computer drivers. We have had a lot of users complain about difficulty with software updates and although it is a tough decision to remove a feature such as this, we believe that it is best for Driver Reviver to focus on driver updates alone.

For those users who wish to continue to keep their software up to date we recommend that you download CNET’s TechTracker.  TechTracker is a product that has been created by CNET that specifically focuses on making sure that all the software on your computer is up to date. TechTracker also allows you to configure automatic updates for some software titles and can also help you uninstall programs that you do not want.

You can download TechTracker here.

As always, we want to hear your feedback on the decision to remove software updates. Please leave a comment in the comments section of this post.

So what hasn’t changed?

We have made sure that we have kept the feature that are important to our customers including:

  1. Industry leading driver database with most comprehensive list of new drivers available for your devices.
  2. Support for the following languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Turkish, Traditional Chinese, Russian and Danish with more on the way!
  3. Driver Reviver is still a light weight and fast application that will not take up a world of resources on your PC in order to run.

So what are you waiting for? Go and try Driver Reviver yourself for free today by downloading it here. We hope that you enjoy the new version and can’t wait to keep bringing you the best solutions for your PC!

The ReviverSoft Team

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Free Driver Updates

Update your drivers in less than 2 minutes to enjoy better PC performance - Free.

Free Driver Updates

Update your drivers in less than 2 minutes to enjoy better

PC performance - Free.

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