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How the ReviverSoft Answers Scoring works:

We designed ReviverSoft Answers to become a community where people could go to get great support with what ever computer problem they have. The way we encourage our community is to reward points to people based on their contribution to making it better.

Here is how we award points to ReviverSoft Answers participants:

Points for people who answer questions:
For posting an answer +2 Points
For being awarded Best Answer+10 Points
When your answer is upvoted +2 Points
When your answer is downvoted-1 Point
For people who ask a question:
When your question is liked +1 Point
When your question Is followed+2 Points
When you select a Best Answer +2 Points
We also award badges based on your all time level of contribution. These badges represent the most highly regarded members of our community. Users with higher levels of badges have proven to be the most helpful and knowledgable member and they will receive exclusive benefits from ReviverSoft including free product licenses, early beta access and personalized cartoon versions of themselves dressed in ReviverSoft uniform.
Here are the different badges you can attain based on contribution:
Name for this list:
0+ Points Newbie
10+ Points Rookie
25+ Points Amateur
100+ Points Pro
500+ Points Expert
1000+ PointsElite
Thanks again for your contribution to ReviverSoft Answers. Our community is a better place for it and we hope you continue to participate!

Mark and Davide,
ReviverSoft Founders
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